Forever by Judy Blume

Did you know that in 2005 Forever by Judy Blume was one of the top five most challenged books?  This book is mostly banned because of its sexual content.  It has also been challenged for containing profanity, and addressing topics such as masturbation and birth control.  Forever has been challenged since it was published in 1975 by concerned parents, teachers, and school board members.  I believe that banning this book is a good thing.  Although this is one of my favorite books I would not want to have my twelve year old sister read it.  It is too descriptive about sex and is definitely not appropriate for junior high students.  I think that the people that are challenging this book are doing it with the best of intentions.  I believe that banning and challenging books is necessary to protect the minds of children.

Abby Konert Van Buren High School Last modified 11/5/09